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Quantum Field Theory: Developments and Perspectives, Sept.21 - 24, 2010 Transparencies Parallel Sessions  · 

Parallel Sessions

Quantum Gravity
application/pdf Schenkel.pdf (1.7 MB)
Quantum Field Theory on Noncommutative Curved Spacetimes
application/pdf Hack.pdf (326KB)
Dark Energy from Quantum Matter
application/pdf Koehn.pdf (7.9 MB)
Arithmetic Quantum Gravity
Quantum Field Theory
application/vnd.ms-powerpoint Cobanera.ppt (2.1 MB)
A Novel Algebraic Approach to Quantum and Classical Dualities
application/pdf Cobanera.pdf (2.2 MB)
A Novel Algebraic Approach to Quantum and Classical Dualities
application/pdf Dolce.pdf (10.5 MB)
Deterministic Quantum Field Theory in Compact Space-Time
application/pdf Pangon.pdf (522KB)
Structure of the Broken Phase of the Sine-Gordon Model
application/pdf Varela.pdf (306KB)
Wrapped Branes, Consistent Truncations and AdS/CMT
application/pdf Uhlemann.pdf (1.0 MB)
Four-dimensional Conformal Supergravity from N=4 Gauged Supergravity in Asymptotically AdS5
Extremal Three-point Correlations in Kerr/CFT
Amplitudes and Strings
application/pdf Forini.pdf (4.5 MB)
Semiclassical Strings Exactly
application/pdf Wuttke.pdf (1.5 MB)
Space-Like String Surfaces in AdS3xS3 of Vacuum Type
application/pdf Boels.pdf (280KB)
On BCFW Shifts of Integrands and Integrals
application/pdf Hambrock.pdf (12.0 MB)
Hidden bb-bar Tetraquark Spectroscopy and Evidence in Belle Data Near the Y(5S) Resonance
application/pdf Park.pdf (1.0 MB)
Bs Mixing and Non-minimal Flavour Violating Supersymmetry
R-Parity Violating Decays of NLSPs at the LHC
Lattice and QCD
J/Psi Production with NRQCD: HERA, Tevatron, RHIC and LHC
Closed Flux Tubes and their String Description: A Lesson by Lattice Gauge Theories
Properties of the QCD Vacuum Induced by Strong Magnetic Field (A Lattice Study)
String Theory
Anomaly Mediation from String Theory
application/vnd.ms-powerpoint Junghans.ppt (1.7 MB)
Smearing Versus Localising Sources in Flux Compactifications
Smearing Versus Localising Sources in Flux Compactifications
application/pdf Yagi.pdf (474KB)
Vanishing Chiral Algebras
application/pdf Volpato.pdf (169KB)
Mathieu Moonshine and the Elliptic Genus of K3
N-soliton Solutions in Field and String Theory
Mathematical Physics
application/pdf Brown.pdf (290KB)
Complex Matrix Model Duality
Affine sl(N) Conformal Blocks from N=2 SU(N) Gauge Theories
application/pdf Kimura.pdf (3.6 MB)
Non-supersymmetric Extremal RN-AdS Black Holes in N=2 Gauged Supergravity
Asymptotic Symmetries of 3D Higher-spin Gauge Theories and W-algebras
application/pdf Kirsch.pdf (449KB)
Chiral Symmetry Breaking in an Expanding Plasma
image/gif Kirsch.gif (2.1 MB)
Chiral Symmetry Breaking in an Expanding Plasma
application/pdf Lin.pdf (344KB)
Gravitational Shock Wave Collision and Matter Equilibration in Heavy Ion Collisions
application/pdf Schade.pdf (1.5 MB)
Universal Properties of Screening in Strongly Coupled Plasmas
application/pdf Kerner.pdf (7.8 MB)
Holographic p-wave Superfluids
application/pdf Filev.pdf (2.9 MB)
N=2 Flavoured SYM Theory on S^3 in an External Magnetic Field
Astroparticle Physics
application/pdf Schmitz.pdf (1.0 MB)
Matter and Dark Matter from False Vacuum Decay
Strong CP Problem Reconciles Thermal Leptogenesis with Gravitino Dark Matter
application/pdf Andreas.pdf (2.7 MB)
Status of sub-GeV Hidden Particle Searches
Quantum Effects on Hybrid Type Inflationary Models
application/pdf Sattler.pdf (595KB)
Analytic Computation of Top Quark Pair Production at Hadron Colliders
application/pdf Schwinn.pdf (222KB)
Effective Theory Methods for Heavy Coloured (s)particles at Hadron Colliders
Ladder Topologies for Massive 3-Loop Operator Matrix Elements
The O(alpha3s) Massive Operator Matrix Elements of O(nf) for the Structure Function F2(x,Q^2)
application/pdf Mateu.pdf (1.4 MB)
Thrust Distribution at N^3LL with Power Corrections and Precision Determination of alpha_s

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